October 26, 2009

My JC Penny's Star!

I have had so much happen in the last couple of days that I didn't post for a while. It all started with a big scare. I have always been an easy person to scare. A few years ago I had a big cancer scare, but everything was taken care of and is now ok. This time I through myself into prayer and just kept telling myself "Not Again!!" This could not be happening.

Don't worry I don't have cancer, but would appreciate a little prayer. I'm not going to kick the bucket yet, but I am not happy about my health at the moment. It mainly concerns myself, my hubby, and my health care providers so I will not go into details.

Then my hubby's grandmother died Wednesday. She had Alzheimers and was not doing well at all. Her passing was expected, but still hard. We had lots of family come in and had lots to do.

While that was going on I also found out that my debit card number was stolen and the bank found some fraudulent charges. This is the reason I LOVE my bank. I drive to a whole different town to bank there and they only have a few branches, but they are the best. I don't know what exactly made them look at the charges and say "That doesn't look right!", but they did, and the money was never taken out of my account. They have taken care of everything for me.

Saturday we rested from this crazy busy week and visited with the family that came in for the funeral. We even carved a pumpkin for Will. I will have a post about that later. It was an experience!

Sunday we got together with friends and cooked a ton of food. We watched the New Orleans Saints win their 6th game in a row!!! Go Saints!!!!

And in all this mad crazy time I had Will's pictures taken. I had the appointment already made and it just so happened that I was not needed for anything at that time. So, I kept the appointment and am now waiting for my pictures. They turned out so great too!! I had them done at JC Penny's . I never had them done there before and I am very happy with them. They did great. The photographer even asked me if they could enter one of his pictures into the contest for him to be one of the children pictured in the portrait catalog for all of the JC Penny's in the the US. WOW! Of course I said yes. They had one they took last year that made it in. You know how you can go and look at their book for ideas of how you would like your kids pictures to be? Well that's the book! I so hope he will be chosen.

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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. It sounds like you have had a very stressfull week. I hope that whatever is going on with you health-wise is nothing major. My thoughts and prayers are with you. ((HUGS))

    How cool about the photos! I hope he wins! The once used one of our sons photos in their little studio at Sears (however I take their pics myself now.)
    Keep us posted! :)