October 12, 2009

A Giveaway?

I would like to know if anyone would like this as a giveaway. I have never done a giveaway, but this is something some of you may like to have.

I use a lot of coupons to save on my family's grocery bill, and I know a lot of others do too. I have more coupons at the moment than I can use. I even have some for stores that aren't in my area.

So if you think that you would like me to do a very short giveaway for some coupons please let me know. If no body wants them I will not do it. If I only get one or two responses I may just give them to those people.

I would also like to know what kind of coupons you are looking far. I have some Pull-Up coupons and a few grocery items and some house hold items like Mr. Clean products and Cascade to name a few. I also have a few for Save a Lot food stores.


  1. hmmm. i don't do giveaways b/c i would never mail them out or -even more likely- lose whatever i was giving away - but they do seem to work for other bloggers! thanks for becoming a follower WAY BACK and now i am finally following you back too!

  2. Very generous of you! I hope you get more responses!