October 19, 2009

Holding My Baby

I have found that as Will get older he lets me hold and love on him less. I know that this is normal, and from what others tell me he loves on us a lot more than other kids love on their parents. He is definitely a lover. He'll give hugs all day long.

But I miss holding him. At 36 lb he is really to big to lug around, but I miss the time we spent with me holding him as we watch tv and just sat around and talked. Early in the mornings he sometimes still lets me hold him. He sits on me to watch cartoons, but last night he was so tired from the weekend we had, he sat on me to watch tv before bed. I loved every minute of it. He even fell asleep on me! That never happens anymore. I got to carry him to bed and tuck him in, all while he was asleep. Too Cute!!!

I don't plan on having any more children, but I do love holding those babies. With all the new babies in the family I don't guess I'll be having empty arms much:) My arms where filled with a sweet little baby boy Saturday. That may be part of the reason for my little breakdown here:)

I am just the kind of person who can't let my baby days go. I break down in tears every time I realize how much Will has grown. Yet, if he didn't grow I would be so worried. I guess that's just part of being a mom.

The toddler years are great too, and I am holding on to those for dear life. The preschool years are ahead, and to be honest they may be here now. So far I have loved every year of my Little Will's life. And really the first baby year was not as great as I remember, but who cares about all those 365 days of no sleeping! I would do it all over again in a heart beat for him.


  1. This is the third blog I've visited today that spoke of the speed children grow up and wistfully thinking of newborns.

    *Sigh* I'd do it all again and I have had six!

    Lisa @
    All That and a Box of Rocks

  2. I hated each time that this happened with my kids...I am nearing the end of the baby era too! Miss M is 2 now and she is a go go girl! Sometimes I still get a glimpse of the baby...nut it's fleeting and far between! Enjoy it when you can snag it!!

  3. Hold them while you can and enjoy it, time flies.

  4. They sure do grow up fast! Enjoy every minute you can holding your little one. I still make my 9 year old come over and sit on my lap sometimes! Yep, he thinks I'm crazy, but he knows that if he wants to please Momma and stop my nagging he must give in. :)