October 2, 2009

My New Tree

We have lived in this house and on this land for almost 8 years and I have tried to grow flowers, bushes, and trees. NOTHING grows here. If the plant was not here when we moved here it will not grow.

We have tried everything from adding fertilizer to taking all the dirt out and putting new dirt in. I don't know how much money we wasted trying to make things grow. Don't get me wrong, our yard is great, but I do love those willow trees and flowering trees so much.

Yesterday a friend of mine gave me shoots off of this great willow tree that twined themselves together to make one intertwined trunk. It will be so beautiful. I just pray it grows. Will said it would definitely grow since he helped plant it. He told us he is an excellent helper and knows all about trees. LOL! He is a silly boy. All he knows about trees are, that they grow big and he never saw a baby tree until now. (After he was born I kind of gave up on growing things in the yard and now have a lot of potted plants, including tomatoes and green onions.)

This is a picture of my hubby planting my tree!

Please grow little tree!!!!


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