October 21, 2009

A What??....A Lincoln Log!!!

Bath time seems to be the craziest time lately. What with all the bad smelling baths to the colorful baths and now with the lincoln log bath!!!

Will has almost always loves bath time. He begs to take them. I have always herd horror stories about kids going to the bathroom in the bath while they are really small or potty training. Well he is way past those times!!

Last night he was playing in his colored water and got really still. He sat strait up and just stared at the wash cloth he had hung over the bar. When I asked if he was ok he just said yes and didn't move. Well after a few minutes I got up and walked a little closer and low and behold guess what was floating around!

Yes you got it. At that moment my hubby walked in and said "That looks like a huge lincoln log! Will what did you do?". While my hubby got him cleaned off and dressed I had to clean the tub.

He has never don this before and I don't know why he did it this time. The only thing i can figure is he had gas and didn't realize it was more than that. ( Like all boys he likes to pass gas in the tub. I don't get it. It has to be a boy think.) He has told me many times before he had to go. I always get him out to go and then he gets back in. That's why this bothers me so much.

Poor baby he cried and told me he was so sorry and would never do it again, I don't know how many times. He loved on me till bedtime. I think he was embarrassed and upset because he knew I was in the bathroom for 30 min. sanitizing the tub.

I'm just so glad he didn't have any toys in the tub at that time. I hate to clean those more than the tub!!! If anyone else has gone through this with a child please let me know if it is normal. I didn't think I had to worry about this with a 3 year old who has been potty trained for almost 2 years.

And yes you can all thank me later for not putting pictures in this post. LOL!!!


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