September 22, 2009

Not So Great

They have a new shop in town that has a lot of had made stuff. It is a really cute store. Last week I visited it for the first time and found some really great things. Will found something he just had to have too. He wanted some of the bath beads for kids. They where only 20 cents each so I let him get some. The woman who ran the store told us that one smelled like strawberry and turned the bath water red.

Well this sounded ok. It was made for children after all. Well that night he just had to try one. He decided to use the green frog. I wondered if it would green apples. It was green and all.

Will was so disappointed. The thing smelled horrible. Like a really bad perfume for people who can't smell. Not the kid friendly smell I imagined. Then it did not turn his bath green, or any other color for that matter.

Night after night we tried different shapes. The yellow ducky smelled almost as bad. Then he tried the pink thing. I am not sure what shape it was suppose to be, but it did smell like strawberries! Things where looking up. The next night he used the red train. It turned the bath pink but did not smell at all! Good!!!

So one did smell good and one did turn his bath a different color, but for the rest I will never buy this stuff again. I don't know the name brand of them and they where put out in individual bins in the children's bath section of the store. They are not had made! So, my advice to everyone else is to just avoid them if you see them while you are out and about! They also put an awful ring around your tub that has to be scrubbed out! Horrible!!!

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  1. That is so funny because I have two little boys and we have tried these types of things. Man do they stick!!! Anyway it was nice to relate.