September 10, 2009

What A Day

Today was my grocery day. The day I prepared for by looking at all the sale adds for all the grocery stores in the area. I printed or dug out all my coupons I would use and some I may use. I also decided to try something new. Well sort of new. I have tried planing meals for a week before and then made sure I had everything I need to make them. The only problem I had with that was that hubby sometimes changed my meal plans, and then I had to run to the store anyway. Don't you hate when you ask what they want for dinner and they say "It doesn't matter." And then when you tell them what you have planed they say "Not that." Very frustrating!!

Recently I found a blog called Unfinished Mom. In this blog she tells about how she plans a menu for a month and then goes out and shops for it all. WOW!! That is all I could say. I asked her for a few tips. She told me make a list of my family's favorite meals. Then talk it over with the family and see what thy would like. Next pick from things off the list. That sounded easy enough.

I decided to try planning for two weeks at a time. This is more reasonable for me since hubby gets paid every two weeks and two weeks will be a bit easier than a month. We did this yesterday together and today I shopped! I think this will help me with the old "Whats for dinner?" problem and help save a little money. This way I will buy what I need to make dinner and not what I don't. Today I spent $130.00 on two weeks worth of food and house supplies. This did not include items that would go bad before I use them, like bread and eggs. Those I will buy as I run out of what I have and need more. The weekends are left open too. I may have to buy extra depending on what we do or if we have company.

I am sure this will save me money just buy my trip today. Usually I would spend about $120.00 a week. Keep in mined this includes household items such as shampoo and toilet paper. I did have a total of about $27.00 in savings today though! Wooo Hooo!!!

I will update this post to show if it worked for me or not. I may eventually try a month like Unfinished Mom if it works. I'm not a Diva like her though!!! She rocks!!!


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