September 8, 2009

Our Outdoor Days!

I have come to realize that we have spent a lot of time outdoors. This may be due to the good weather we had in August and our lack of rain in September. My son has been begging to go outside every morning since his birthday. He rides his John Deere Tractor every day. That thing has had a good workout. I must say that it is still doing great. My expectations where high and it has so far matched them.

Today he decided it was time to play with his new moon sand set. This was a late birthday gift and has been one that he has yet to open and play with. I do try to give him a different one every now and then so he is not overwhelmed with new toys and has something new to play with later. Let me tell you I was not crazy about this stuff. My sister-in-law said she gave it to her 5 year old and it was a messy nightmare. Well, I found a better way. I gave it to him outside on his little picnic table. This way the mess would be outside on the grass and not inside on my floor! This made a big difference. Will had such a great time with it. It came with a few truck molds and one could be put together to make a monster truck. This was his favorite. I made the truck molds and he ran them over with the monster truck. He had a blast. This will be a great outside toy for him. The only downfall is that I will have to buy more of the sand. About 20% of it is now part of the yard.


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