September 25, 2009

Car Wash!!!

Yesterday was a fun filled day for us! We visited with old friends and got to spend time with family. But the best part of our day was washing the car. Yes I said the best part of the day was washing the car!

You see I learned something Sunday form my hubby. It isn't often that I admit I am wrong, but this is one of those times. I have always been a bit of a control freak when it comes to what I allow Will to do and not do. I don't know why, but I have struggled with letting him do some things that seem crazy to me.

One of those crazy things was washing the car. I always allowed him to help me, but to a degree. I never let him "clean" over the part of the car Mommy already cleaned. It would leave streaks!!! And I limited his time with the water hose. Why would I let him soak himself and me? This was just a normal reaction from me. I tried to control it all. In the end I always ended up with a headache and Will got upset! We where both in a bad mood after all that.

After watching my son have such a good time helping Daddy wash his truck Sunday, I realized that I need to let go. So, today was the day! He helped Mommy wash her car. He washed and rinsed. He mostly played with the water hose. Boys and water!!! I'll never get it!

I will never admit it to my hubby, but he taught me something invaluable. Who cares what my car looks like or how wet we got. Will had a blast and nobody got hurt!!


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