September 16, 2009

My Creations

I have been learning to crochet for a while now. I sarted in 2005 when hurricane Rita came through. Hubby and I evacuated to Memphis Tennessee. My hubby's cousin Christina lives there with her family. She is the one who inspired me to start crocheting. It took me quit a while to really get it. This is due to the fact that when we got home we had a lot of work to catch up on. My first piece was finished about a year or so later. Now that I look back at it I made one of theardest patterns in my book for beginners. Ha that is so me!

It is a striped afghan. I just call it my couch afghan. I blends in perfectly with my couch. Most people don't even notice it is on the couch. Of course only I would work so hard on something you can't see! Lol!!

I am now working on my second afghan, but will not show it until it is done. I did however finish a cap I have been working on. It is an easy pattern, but my hard head did not want to do it as the pattern said. When I finally gave in, it too me only and hour and a half to do. Will has decided that it is his cap and wears it constantly. He wanted to wear it to bed last night. What a silly boy he is. That is why I love him so much!


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