September 15, 2009

What a great Series

I have always loved to read. As a young girl I would read nonstop. In the last few years I have not found much time to read. I had not found any books that really grabbed my interest either. That was part of the problem. Then I was introduced to the Twilight series. I have now read that set 4 times and still love it. The movie not so much. I was always that way. A movie never meets my expectation once I read the book.

The great series that I have more recently found is just as great, but in a whole different way! I have read the Red River Of The North series by Lauraine Snelling. The books in this series are the kind of book that you just can't put down. This series has 6 books in it. The first book begins with two families that immigrate to America from Norway to settle the free land in North Dakota Territory. Only to fined that the land is not free. It is paid for with their own sweat and blood. Their story is filled with the hard ships that they encounter. Their belief and love in God is what helps them make it through the hard times.

As you read the first book into the last you can't help but feel like the characters are people you know and love yourself. I have laughed and cried with them. I have never read a book that has renewed my spirit and belief in God like these books have. The best part is that the author went on to write another series called Return To Red River. There are 3 books in this series and they continue the story from the point of view of the younger generation. It goes on to show how time changes everything, but the love of God is still there.

So I encourage you to meet Ingeborg Bjorklund and her family as they make their way to their free land in the year 1880. You will not be disappointed. The first book in the series is called An Untamed Land by Lauraine Snelling. Happy reading everyone!

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