September 5, 2009

Turtle Chex Mix Bars Review

I was lucky enough to win not one but two boxes of Turtle Chex Mix Bars from Brandie at Free Sample Freak. She had a review with her giveaway also. She claimed that they were so good her family devoured them in no time.

Well let me tell you, she was right. The mail lady drove down my driveway to give me a package. I had no idea what was in it so opened the box on my porch. When I saw the box I had to try one. So, right on my front porch my son and I ate one. We had to go in the house and fix lunch right away. They were soooo good we would have eaten the first box in one sitting. For a very couscous and picky eater, Will loves them. I had to tell myself to leave them in the cabinet for hubby to try. As of today we have one box left. I am so happy we had two boxes!

They have a sweet yet salty taste. They are just so good! They are made with caramel-covered corn chex pieces, wheat chex pieces, chocolate, peanuts, and pretzels. One bar has only 130 calories. What a great snack! A big thank you to Brandie and My Blog Spark for letting me try this great product!!


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