September 21, 2009

Fun! Fun! Fun!

I hope everyone had a great weekend, we sure did! Fair days only come around once a year and this year was exceptionally great for us! I am not the kind of person to just go out and spend all kind of money on entertainment, but that is just what we did. The fair is very very expensive, so I have been saving just for that. When you have a 3 year old the fair is so much more fun again!

This is the little trucks he rode last year and loved. He rode them just as much this year!

We made our trip to the Allen Parish Fair on Saturday. Will was jumping out of his shoes he was so excited. This is only his second year to go to the fair. He was way to small before, but this year he knew what to expect and he knew he could ride! Last year he would only ride one ride. This year he rode on four different ones a dozen times each! He got to play the pick a duck game and won a stuffed dolphin he has named Flapy. He is also the new owner of an orange and yellow striped sports cup that we purchased full of strawberry kiwi slushy. All in all he had a great time.

He loved the little jeep!

This is Will and my hubby on the bumper cars! They both loved it!

After the fair we decided to go to my dad's camp. This is something else that Will absolutely loves. Knowing we where going to the camp made leaving the fair a lot easier! At the camp he got to play with the other kids that came and roast marshmallows at the camp fire that night. Sunday he got to see all the great fish everyone caught.

This is Will and Paw Paw Billy at the camp. The fish is a 15 lb yellow cat that someone caught that morning.

Sunday evening we did yard work and then made a Bar-B-Q with Paw Paw Billy at home! What a great weekend!!!


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