September 3, 2009

A New Huggies Sample!

I know I am not the Frugal Queen by any means, but I do try to save as much money as I can. My hubby thinks I am so great at it. Little does he know, I have come across some blogs where the Mom who runs it is so great at it she saves a hundred dollars a day sometimes when she goes grocery shopping.
Well, I do my best and am still learning the tricks of the trade. This is a free diaper sample I found and am posting for all those readers I have who are pregnant (DD) or have been changing those diapers nonstop (Jessica). Lol! I love free baby anything. So, even though I don't always post great deals out there, this is one I thought everyone should know about. I love those money saving blogs, but I am the first to admit I could never keep up. For more free samples and/or great coupons and deals go to the list of blogs on the right of this blog under My Blog List. They are the true Frugal Queens!!!
Go here to get your free Huggies diaper in your mail box.

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