September 18, 2009

Candy and Beads!

Yesterday was a miserable day! My allergies have kicked my sinuses into overdrive. I felt like lying on the floor all day with a towel wrapped around my nose. Today I feel about 80% better thanks to Benadryl. I get this way when the season change. The way I was feeling this winter is going to be an early, long, and cold one.

It is a good thing I felt better today. Aunt Jenny, Baby Jaydon, Will, and I decided to go to the Allen Parish Parade today. It was not a big one, but it was good for the little ones. The whole thing took about an hour and it passed twice. It went down one lane and came back on the other. Lol! The kids loved it though! They each got just enough candy to be happy and some extra to share with Mom. Aunt Jenny and Jaydon got a good bit of beads too. This made my little man upset. He didn't have any. He was moving a little slow due to the fact that he was eating most of the tootsie rolls instead of putting them in the bag. I was slow because I was checking all those tootsie rolls before they ended up in his mouth.

Aunt Jenny did end up giving him one of her beads and just when we where about to leave he found one on the ground no one else noticed. That gave him a small bag of candy, 3 cups, and 2 beads. That is just enough for him. My problem now is keeping all the candy from disappearing in one day!

Tomorrow we go to the fair!!! ( We are waiting to go until hubby can be there too!)


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