September 14, 2009

My Son's Baby Book

When I started my son's baby book I promised myself that I would not be one of those moms who did really well at entering things into it and after the first year stoped. I now have a book I made about my pregnancy and one of Will's first year, filled with all his big firsts in it. I started one with pictures and stories of birth to the present. This one is not near finished, but I do plan to continue working on it.

I consider myself some what crafty. So all these books are hand made (not the covers). Scrapbooks where always fun for me, and I thought wouldn't it be nice for him to have known his mom took the time to make this for him.

I also started writing all my feelings about Will growing up and all the things we did together in a note book. Hubby said I was just going to make myself cry later in life when I read it. I just didn't want to forget how I felt at that moment. I filled one up and started a second. That is when I thought "why not put it on a blog?" This is working. I update a blog more than a notebook. The only problem is that I don't get as personal with a blog update as I did with my notebook. With the possibility of the whole world reading it and all. Not that my life is all that interesting.

Through this blog I have realized how blessed my life really is. I have read other blogs and felt like I' m not the only one out their who has crazy moments. I laugh and cry with other moms and I LOVE getting comments about what I wright. I feel like others really do read and care about my family. I feel the same about the blogs I read. And I pray for the others moms who are having a hard time as I know they also pray for me.

This afternoon I have been printing all my post that are about Will, so that I can put them together for him to read later in life. This will be a new addition to his baby books. Less pictures and more stories. I hope he will like it in 20 years and be happy I did it for him.

So my message to Will is Mommy and Daddy love you, and you will always be our lovable little boy who makes us laugh, cry, sing, and pull our hair out all at the same time. I thank God every day for giving you to us!

Mom and Dad


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