September 14, 2009

Rain Inside and Out

This weekend I felt like it rained inside and out. We had plans to watch the New Orland Saints game on tv with some friends on Sunday. My hubby has been making these plans with them, so I did not know they changed. Apparently We were going to watch the LSU game on Saturday instead at our house. On Friday I get a call from our 9 year old niece. She wanted to know if we would come to her birthday party on Saturday. (A big thank you to her mom for only letting us know ONE day before her party!) She sounded so pitiful when she called. I am guessing not many people are going since they where only told a day in advance. I told her that we would go, but it would just be me and Will. Hubby had to work.

After hubby got home and I told him about the call he reminded me about the LSU game plans. I did not see the problem. Then he asked me "Who is going to be here when our friends get here? I will be at work." Well this was a problem. Her party started at 3:30 and is an hour away. The game started at 6:00. So, I called her mom back to get the voice mail. (She never answers the phone when I call anymore. I wonder if she can't stand talking to me that much or what's going on?) I left my message that since the plans for the LSU game where made at least a week or so in advance I would not change them and I would give our nice her gift later.

Come to find out later the men decided to watch the game over at out friends house and my hubby got sick at work so came home early. On top of all that it rained ALL DAY! I felt like it rain inside me and outside me that day. I hate to feel like I can't do all the things everyone wants me to do. The birthday party turned out nice form what I herd and lots of people where there, but I still don't like the idea that my son couldn't be there with his cousins.

I didn't feel better until today. Monday is such a normal day. No rain, no football games, and no birthday parties today! Hubby at work and just me and Will at home! Sorry if this sounds like I am venting. I didn't even know I was going to write about this until it started pouring out.

By the way both LSU and the Saints won!


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