September 4, 2009

Under $5.00 Meals!

I get a certain joy out of figuring out I feed my family for $5.00 a person or under. This week I have done really well. Wednesday I made what I call Chicken Potatoes. It is a twist on Grilled Chicken Baked Potatoes which I love from a local restaurant. The twist is that I don't bake my potatoes. I cut them up and boil them. Then I smash them really good. I add seasoning and butter to it. I also get boneless chicken breast and cut it into cubes and season it. I just kind of grill it in a flat bottom pan. When it is all done we put the chicken on top the potatoes with topping. The toppings are butter, seasoning, shredded cheese, tomato pieces, sour cream and bacon bits. They are so great.

To calculate what I spent to make this meal I break down how much the ingredients cost and how much I used divided by how many people I fed.

A 5 lb bag of potatoes = $1.99 / 5 or 6 potatoes = $1.00
A 2.5 lb bag of chicken breasts =$6.00 / 3/4 the bag = $4.50
One tomato = $0.75 (hubby doesn't like tomatoes so I didn't need much)
A small container of sour cream = $2.00 / 1/2 = $1.00
A small container of butter = $1.75 / 1/2 = $0.88
A bag of shredded cheese = $2.00 / 3/4 = $1.50
Bacon bits = $1.46 / 3/4 =$1.09

The total is $10.72 and I divided into 4 (hubby, Will, myself, and hubby's lunch for work).

That is $2.68 a person. This about right because some of this is rounded and no tax is added. Keep in mined that I got a lot on sale and used coupons.

I also did this Thursday night. I made Fried Pork Chops with Great Northern Beans and Rice.

This is my break down:
Pack of pork cops at $0.99 a lb = 3.36
A 5 lb bag of flour = $2.50 / 2cups = $0.14
A dozen eggs = $0.99 / 2 = $0.16
A 1 lb bag of beans = $2.00 / 1 cup = $0.50
1 lb of sausage = $3.75 / 1/2 = $1.88
A small bag of rice = $2.92 / 2 cups = $0.35

The total is $6.39 and I divide it by 4. That is $1.60 a person. Again I did get some of this on sale and used coupons. This is a rounded number and does not include tax.

I think I did great! Let me know if you have any ideas of how to keep this going. If you post about making meals for $5.00 or under let me know. I would love new recipes, and your comments.



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