September 11, 2009


We just had Will's birthday party almost two weeks ago and he got tons of things. Now my hubby wants to start thinking about Christmas!!!! Since when did he start thinking about Christmas in September? He is the kind of man who goes Christmas shopping the day before he has to give someone a gift. He didn't even know what was in the packages most of the time. Even for Will's birthday part he was asking me who gave him what and when I said we gave him that he was like " Oh, where did you fined that?" or "Oh, I forgot we got him that."

So when he wanted to know what I was planning for Christmas I was in shock. I must admit, in the past I would be planning and have half of my Christmas shopping done by now. But, these past few years have been harder on our budget. Now I wait for big Christmas sales and Black Friday sales to start.

I have no idea what we will have planned for Will. He got his John Deere tractor as everyone knows (and is probably tired of hearing about). So what now? He has been saying now he needs a Case tractor. Ha! Ha! Keep dreaming buddy. It took us over a year of saving for the first tractor.

So what do I do now? He needs winter clothes, but I plan to get him some before Christmas and, what kid wants lots of clothes from Santa? This will be something that plagues my mined from now on. And just to know that hubby is wondering makes me scratch my head. What to do now? It is a good thing I have 3 months to think about it. I will try to put a countdown to Christmas on my site, but since I have not figured out how to put a "follow me on Twitter" button on it I don't think it will be today or anything. Lol!!!

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  1. Oh I know! I have been thinking about Christmas as well, but have no idea what I'm going to get anyone. I'm so not ready to start shopping for Christmas.