February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Fun!!!

Yesterday was the BIG SUPER BOWL GAME!!!! We waited all our life for this game. Seriously!!!! Hubby has been one of those few people who followed and routed for the Saints even when no one else did. He was born a Saints fan!

We had a big party at Hubby's Mom's house. We had soooooooo much food it was unreal. We started at noon. (Had to go to church first!) Then partied until 10:00 pm last night. (I think Hubby is still parting on the inside!!)

This game was so great. Both teams played good, but the Saints won in the end. No one could have been happier (other than the players who did all the work) than my Hubby! He cried when they won the Championship and he cried when they won the Super Bowl. Today he is still a little emotional over it all.

It was so cute to see Will whooping and hollering along with us. He would yell "Go Drew Brees!" and "Touchdown!" It was so stinking cute!

I took tuns of pictures of us all partying, eating, and watching the game in our Saints stuff! Here are a few that don't show faces to well for y'all. Will was trying to through a little play football to Hubby!


  1. What a fantastic post!!! Love the photo's -- what a wonderful day for you Hubby!! Mine was watching but he said he wasn't as "invested" this year -- and I was trying to make sense of a Dove Twitter party -- thought I was computer savvy - but I was hopelessly lost!!

  2. Just stopping by from MBC. I am now following on google connect and twitter.