February 24, 2010

Such A Let Down

Well, the local weather man really dropped the ball this time. We got all excited for nothing.

Yesterday I took Will to the library, and as we left the librarian asked Will if he was ready for some more snow. What!!!! More snow!!! Why didn't I hear about this? It was nice an 70 degrees out a few days ago. I remember it so well. We had a nice day at the park. So, how could winter be sending us more snow. We "normally" only get snow here once every 5 to 7 years. So, for us to get snow 4 times in ONE year.....Well that's just crazy. And all this talk about El nino....Lets just say I'm a conspiracy theory believer.

We got home and I looked up the local weather. Sure enough! Snow was an the way! That's when I started getting all excited. I was prepared to wake up to a wonder land rarely seen at my house. At 3:00 am I woke up to rain. At 5:00 am I woke up to no snow. And at 8:00 am when Will got up.....still no snow!

Such a let down.


  1. aww, sorry about the snow. We are in Southern California, so have to drive for snow. But, it's magical when we drive to it. :)

    Sorry you couldn't find where to follow me. I have TOO many blogs, it is confusing. Thanks so much for stopping by and if you want to follow, go to the link below.


  2. I am hating the cold. the snow... We had one nice day, too, and I was so pumped up for summer, we went and got new swimsuits!
    Of course it snowed again.... geesh!

  3. Sorry you didn't get your snow! :)