February 12, 2010

Some People Just Don't Like Change!

I live in a very small town, and grew up in an even smaller one. I still do my banking in the town I grew up in. Its the next town over, so I just stayed with my bank.

My bank always had about 5 or 6 branches, until it changed names. I guess you can say it was bought out or whatever by a bigger bank. Now they have about 10 or 12 branches. LOL!

When they updated everything they put in another drive through spot. (I don't really know what you call it.) Now you can go to the window or to the little pole with the container that goes up into the bank via an air flow. (Can't you tell how country I am? I don't even know how to explain this very well.)

My point is, the people who bank there total avoid this "new contraption". They get in line a few cars long just to go to the window. Well, yesterday I zoomed on up to the "new contraption" and got the stink eye from every one of the cars in the other line. Then I was out before the second car even made it to the window.

So my question is.....Why don't they just try it? It didn't hurt me. I actually like it. Oh well. In about 10 more years they may get use to it. (They are finally using the ATM that was put in about 4 or so years ago. LOL!)

It Snowed again today!!!

This is an amazing thing. This was the 3rd time it snowed in Louisiana in ONE year! We usually see the white stuff about once every 7 years. What is going on? This was great at first, but now I am getting a little freaked out. This is not suppose to happen. (It is a little cool thought for Will!) I say if it wants to snow why not really snow. Why all the white stuff in small doses. Today it was just covering the ground and cars. Not really accumulating. I want real snow. A foot or so deep. Just once or twice though!!! I love the warmer weather much more. I wasn't made for cold!

And to think....I thought spring was on the way. God surly showed me how much I know:)


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