February 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday-Soap

Today I am thankful for soap. Could you imagine our world with out soap. I have a 3 year old boy! We use a lot of soap. We wash a lot of clothes. We would use a lot more water and it would take a lot more time to wash all those clothes without soap.

We use soap to clean dishes, pots, counters, and hands. We would all be a lot sicker without soap. Just think of doctor's offices and hospitals without soap! (This alone makes me more thankful for soap!) A lot more of us wouldn't be here if we had no soap.

Then I think about my son's bath time, and again, I am reminded of how important soap is!

To add what you are thankful for or just to read what others are thankful for visit Heather at Frugal Reality.


  1. Hi!

    Visiting you from the MBC Follow Each Other group!

    I liked your post today!!

    Today - I am thankful for chocolate, Pepsi, and French Bread pizza. Not very healthy, but on a bad day, it's the best thing ever! ;-)

    ~ Jennifer

  2. Hello-I found you through mom bloggers club follow group too. Love it! I like soap too :)