February 22, 2010

Will And All His Fun!

Will has been cooped up in the house lately with the cold weather and all. So, this weekend he has had some much needed outside time.

Saturday Hubby had to work. I thought that this would would be a good time to take a little trip to Walmart for some spring planting fun, then off to the park we went!

At the store we bought another daffodil plant and a tulip plant. (The picture of the daffodil at the top of this post is from this plant and bloomed just this morning!) I also got a pot to put all my plants in and some tomato seeds. When we got home we transplanted the daffodil and hyacinth plants I got last week, with the two plants I got Saturday into the pot. I saw the store had big pots with these plants mixed, so I figured I could do it too! (For cheaper!)

Saturday was such a beautiful day! It was a nice 70 degrees. It was a bit windy, but so what! It was 70 degrees out!!!! Will and I headed to the park! It was so nice. Will had a blast and much needed outside time.

Sunday we planted the tomato seeds in small cups. I used a Dr Pepper box to hold it all (and keep the mess in). When they start to sprout, it will be warm enough outside to transplant them.

Here is an update of our herb garden. It has started to grow. I feel spring coming!!!!
I was a busy bee with my camera at my side!

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  1. That looks so fun. It has been so cold here My toddler needs to get outside and play also.