November 29, 2011

Holiday Trouble

How was every one's Thanksgiving?  Who even celebrated Thanksgiving?  Does anyone even know why we celebrate it or why it's even considered a holiday?  And what's up with all the turkey cooking? 

That's a lot of questions to start a post with, but I want to know the answer to all of them.  I'll start with my answers and then I will be expecting yours shortly!

1. How was everyone's Thanksgiving?  Well, mine was uneventful.  Hubby was working and Will and I just stayed home.  It was a normal day for us.  Will and I did make turkey cup cakes though, but no turkey was cooked in our home.

2.  Who even celebrated Thanksgiving?  Well, we didn't really.  Everyday I try to find things to be thankful for, so as for the thankful part, it was just another day.  We did go to my MIL for lunch the next day where she had cooked a turkey though.

3.  Does anyone even know why we celebrate it or why it's even considered a holiday?  I thought I use to know.  I thought it was because of the Pilgrims and Indians first big meal together, but that has been proven by experts to not be true.  They have found evidence that it never happened the way we all thought it did and the Indians where not even invited!  (If they would have known then what they know now, I'm sure they would have let the Pilgrims starve.)  I also thought it was a day to be thankful for everything we have been blessed with, but so many people don't even believe in God anymore.  I feel so bad that most people, even those that do believe God is the one who blessed us so greatly, only find one day a year to be thankful.  As for it being a holiday, well, we only have one letter written from someone that was at the "first thanksgiving".  Our holiday is based on that one short little letter.  If not for that letter we wouldn't even know about the so called "first thanksgiving".

4.  And what's up with all the turkey cooking?  Who knows if they had turkey that day?  I don't know and don't even care.  I much rather ham!  I think the turkey farmers had something to do with all that turkey talk.

So, now I am waiting on your answers!  Does Thanksgiving even mean anything anymore?


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