September 12, 2011


As most of you know, Will's birthday was August 31st. 

It shouldn't surprise you that this is a major event in our household.  We celebrate this more than almost anything else.  Hubby and my birthday go almost unnoticed compared to Will's.  He doesn't really have just a birthday.  He has a birthday week!  And what a week it was.

I posted the pictures of all the cup cakes I made for his class last week.  Today I 'm going to show off the cake I made!  He decided to have a Monster Jam Party!  I thought for sure Monster Jam was something popular and would be easy to find. 

Boy was I wrong.  Monster Jam must just be a southern country kind of thing.  I have even noticed that it's popularity is localized to certain parts of the state.  We searched stores in many towns to find him Monster Jam trucks.  Toys R Us was wiped out.  The manager told me when they come in they fly off the shelves.  The crazy thing is, that they never know when they will get them on the truck.

We found him toys in about 5 different towns and 15 different stores.  I even had to get one off of eBay.  Yes it was that hard to find.  I paid $10.00 for a toy (including shipping) that I could have gotten at Walmart for $3.88.  The only problem was, that they didn't have any.  It was the most popular truck and the Monster Jam Web site was even out!  Can you guess what it was?  If you are a Monster Jam fan you knew it was Grave Digger!

Every year I make Will's cake myself, but this year I didn't even have the option of buying one.  NOBODY makes a Monster Jam cakes.  After some thought and a few web searches I cam up with this.  What do you think?

Will's birthday turned out great! It rained for his party, but the kids had a blast inside anyway.  I learned one very important thing from that day. 

We love our son more than anything in the world and love to see him happy.  I also learned that my family doesn't give a crap about me, because only my Dad and my sister showed up form my side of my family.  No one even called to say they couldn't make it, but have a great day anyway!  I am still fired up about this.  After asking a few of them, they told me that they thought it would be canceled because of the rain.  I'm wondering if they really thought I wouldn't call them if I canceled my only son's birthday party?  All they had to say was that they didn't feel like coming and have a great day anyway.  It's not a big deal.  Most of them didn't come to the last few either.

I could go on and on about the excuses I got about why my family didn't come.  But to me the only ones that mattered where the family members who did called.  There was only 1 by the way.  Will's Godmother had to work and her little girl was sick anyway.  Everyone else can just go **** themselves.  I now know where I stand in my family, and with half of the people I thought where my friends.  This definitely opened my eyes and I have been praying about the hurt in my heart, but I will be looking at things very different now. 

I was always the one to do for others when I could, but now I know I am being used most of the time, and I will be saying no to alot more people and there kids birthday parties,....and baby sitting,....and whatever else they call me for.  By the way, these are the same people that only call me when they need something.

I'm far from a mean person and hate to be mean to others, but now all I have to do is think back to the hurt I felt the day of Will's birthday party to remember why I should say no!

Ok, that's enough ranting for today.  Sorry about that if you are still reading by this point! I'm just still hurting inside.  It's hard when you realize your close loving family isn't what it use to be.  I don't know if the times have changed or the people:(


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