September 16, 2011

Thrifty Shopping!

I love a good deal and so, I often go looking for garage sales, re-sale shopps and thrift stores.

There is a church re-sale shop I know of in a neer by town that I love.  It is about the size of a grocery store.  They have everything from clothes, to toys, to furniture.  They even have items that are seasonal.  All the items are donated to them and all the proceeds go to the church.  They use the money they make to have maintenance done on the church and to help finance there other projects to help the community.

I haven't been to this particular store for some time now.  They are only open on certain days at certain times.  It just never works out that I'm in that town when they are open.  Until Last week!  Hubby and I took a trip to that town to do some shopping and have some together time.  He surprised me with agreeing to go with me to the re-sale store.  (He isn't really into shopping at re-sale stores, or garage sales for that matter.) 

We walked around that big old store for a while.  He was amazed at some of the things that we came across.  We ended up walking up out with a pair of jeans for Will that looked brand spanking new for $0.99,  A CD I had been wanting for $1.79,  and two peruses for me!  One purse was $6.50 and one was $1.99.  Both are name brand and one is real leather.  They are both clean and brand new without tags.  I can't tell you the last time I got myself a new purse.  I have been carrying a Dooney & Bourke that I got at a garage sale at least a year ago for $2.50.  (They had no idea what they had. LOL!) The purse I had before that was a Kathy Van Zeeland from eBay for $7.50.  Nether one of those purses where brand new and clean as I would have liked them. 

Here are the pictures of my haul!!!

Here are the jeans we got for Will ($0.99) and the cd ($1.79) I had been wanting.

This is the purse I paid $6.50 for.  It is a Nine & Co. by Nine West.

This is the purse I paid$1.99 for.  It is a South Pole.

All together I spent $11.27 plus tax!  I don't even know what all those things would have cost me brand new from the store.  I am guessing around $80.00 at least. 

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  1. I love thrift shopping! That first purse is great, I love it!