August 1, 2011

A Much Better Experience!

As you can tell, I have been having a busy week last week.  This week is no exception.  With last minute preparations for Will's first every year of school and everything else going on in my life, I have not had much time to blog. 

Last week Will had a dentist appointment.  He has been to many dentists in the last two years about some cavities on the outside of his teeth.  Some dentists say they can't do anything and send us to another.  Other dentist say they would have to put him to sleep and don't do that in their office and send u to another.  The cycle continued for a while.  The last time he visited one of the refered dentist he had a bad experience.  They where far from child friendly, and even told him if he cried they would make Mommy leave him by himself in the room!  Yea, that's what every 4 year old wants to hear.  So of course he cried louder and harder.  They couldn't even get close to him.  I ran out of there so fast I had Will in his car seat and pulling out the driveway and the door to the office hadn't even close all the way yet.

This time I took him to a new place.  I had seen the advertisements and a good friend of mine takes her girls there.  I decided to give it a try.  The place is called Kool Smiles.  They are very kid friendly and are the only dentist who took x-rays and said they could help with his teeth.  They said that all he needed was caps on them.  CAPS!!!! Why couldn't the other dentist do that????? And they didn't even have to put him to sleep!!!! A huge plus!!!

So we talked it over and decided to put the caps with the white on the front, since they would be on teeth in the front of his mouth.  We got Will to try the gas and he did good.  They still had to put the blanket on him, but he started out laughing and then cried and finally ended the appointment laughing again.  Poor baby went through a lot, but came out a champ.  He told them thank you for fixing his teeth and all.  They couldn't believe how happy he was.

I cried during his appointment more than he did.  He yelled "I want to go home!" a lot, but didn't cry as much as I thought he would.  He didn't eat for a day and a half after the appointment though.  He was tired and hurt a little.  The Tylenol helped though.  He was also so scared they would fall out if he ate and he would have to go back to have them put back in.  Finlay hunger got the best of him and now he is eating like the growing boy he is!  Wow, can that kid eat!

He goes back for a check up and some fillings in his back teeth next month.  Poor baby has no chance with mommy and daddy both having bad teeth:(

I am still asking for prayers that his Medicaid get renewed.  Hubby makes $7.50 too much a month and they can turn us down or let us pass for another year.  Ultimately it is up to his Medicaid worker that has his case at this point.  Prayers are greatly appreciated!!! Thank You!!!!!!! 


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