August 16, 2011

Welcome To A New World

As you grow life changes.  You grow up with your family, then before you know it your on your own.  You discover a new world that you didn't know exsited before.  You have a job to pay bills you never had before.  You can make decisions all on your own.  You can eat cake for dinner if you want to. 

Wow, that was a big deal.  Then your world changes again when you get married and start a family.  All of a sudden you have someone who depends on you.  Those bills you had before multiply and you have to make real ruls for your family.  There goes the eating cake for dinner thing!

Right when you are comfortable with your world it changes again.  Your little baby boy, your only child, is going to school.  This is when you realize that not only is your world changing, so is his.  He isn't in his safe home with his Mommy and Daddy.  He can't eat when he wants and take his time doing it.  He has a new person to listen to and new rules to follow.  His world has just changed!  What a big change too!

This means your life has to change to.  Your baby boy isn't a baby.  He is growing up.  He will learn new things and want to be more independent.  He will learn bad behaviors as well as good ones.  He will learn that not everyone has the same kind of family life he has.  He will learn that the world is bigger than he thought.

Will started his first day of school Monday.  Kindergarten is a new world to him, but he is doing good so far.  Lots of changes have been taking place in our lives.  Going to school has been one of them, but to top it off, he lost his very first tooth the day before he started his very first day of school. 

What can a Momma do?  My baby is growing up and as hard as that is for me, I have to accept it.


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