August 11, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Here is another Thursday and another day to be thankful. 

Today I am going to share how thankful I am that God gives and He takes away.  We have been blessed with all that He has given us, but do we really thank Him for all the things he takes away?

So often we are thankful for new jobs, new babies, new friends, and new journeys.  How often do are we thankful for the loss of a job, the loss of a friend, or the loss of any kind?  Today I am thankful for a loss.  As most of you know I have been asking for your prayers concerning my son's Medicaid.  I got the call Friday that he is was turned down because our income is $7.50 too much a month.  We are eligible for the LaCHIP affordable plan that is $50 a month and doesn't cover much of anything.

How can I be thankful for this?  Well, I am thankful that I have so many friends that prayed with me.  I am thankful that my son is healthy and we don't have to depend on Medicaid for his survival.  I am thankful that God has another plan for us.  Because no matter what happens, we are in God's hands.  He will know what to do and lead us in the right direction.  He has not left us to take care of ourselves.  I know He is in control.  With God's plan in place, I walk with a smile on my face.  We will make it through.  It took a while for me to remember God's love after this hard news, but I did!  Losing Will's Medicaid was a hard thing for me, but also a great reminder that The Lord has His own plans that may be different than mine. 

At this time we have decided not to get the $50 plan.  We will see where our path that God has for us leads.  In the future we may have the extra money for the $50 plan or be able to get Will's Medicaid back.  Only God knows.  We where blessed to have Medicaid for Will's first 5 years of his life! 

What has God taken away from you that you can be thankful for? 

Thank you to Laurie who is the host of Thankful Thursday this month.  You can find her at Women Taking A Stand.


  1. Joshlin.. when God closes a door its because He has a better plan for you. He knows your need and prayer can change things! We never understand His purposes but we ARE called to trust.

    Its so wonderful to see your faith at work here.. its hard to be thankful for the bad as well as the good, but it IS what we're supposed to do.

    Praying for your situation and God's plan to be revealed.. His timing is always perfect!

    God bless!

  2. I will be praying with you about this.
    I'm so glad you've been able to be thankful for it. Sometimes its so hard to be thankful for our losses.

  3. Joshlin, I was just sharing to my husband last night something like this.

    Why do people depend too much from the government, you know like SSS, Medicare, Insurance...etc?

    It's good we don't have those, God is teaching us to completely depend on Him too and He's teaching us to be a good steward for the resources He's entrusting us, since we don't have those benefits we've learned to save.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    God is always faithful. I admire your trusting spirit. I know that God will take care of you. Blessings!

  5. Thanks for a unique perspective today, Joshlin. You inspire me to work harder to find the good in the bad.

  6. Thanks for visiting me @ Edwards Granddaughter and for your lovely comment. I loved your blog post. We should be thankful for the things he takes away because there is still a blessing there. In April I lost a friend to cancer, at first I was upset and crying a lot. But the more I though about it, the more i envied the blessing. The blessing of knowing your time will be up soon; the blessing of planning and saying your goodbyes; the blessing of have eternal peace and no more problems. I realized there were many blessing in the way she died. Thanks for your heart of seeing the blessing in your situation.

  7. I've even had a friend tell me that I should be thankful that my two 20 year old sons have chosen not to walk with the Lord right now. That is because God's Word says, 'In everything give thanks.' I have a really hard time with that and I can only thank god when I justify it that they will have great testimony later and will be closer to God than ever. But the bible never says to thank if you see a good come out of it. It just says thank him! That's a tough one.
    I pray your insurance and finances work out.