April 6, 2011

Deal on Nook e-reader!!!

I am a big book reader, and would love to have my very own e-reader.  The only factor stoping me is the price! 

Those things run $139 and up!  I don't have that much money lying around (or in my bank acount for that matter).  But I do love a good deal.  This is a deal I haven't seen anywhere else and don't expect to see anytime soon again.

eBay has the Nook that is being sold from Barnes and Noble for $79.00!  FREE SHIPING!!!!  What a great deal.  They are selling Certified Pr-Owned Nooks with Wi-Fi.  They Look and work just like new.  They have been rigorously inspected and tested and come with a one year limited warranty.  In my book that is a good deal.  Espeically since the seller isn't just some Joe off the street you don't know.  Barns and Noble is the seller.  It comes strait from them!  Hurry, the deal ends in 5 more days or when supplies run out.  They have sold over 4,000 already!!! Me? I'm holding out for a Kindle!

1 comment:

  1. Great deal for those who want a nook!
    When you get your Kindle, let me know. I have a ton of places where you can learn about free book.