June 21, 2010

Birthday Parites and ER Visits!

Let me start by saying.....What a weekend!!!!

We have been busy nonstop with summer activities and promoting Hubby. This weekend was going to be our slow one. We had a birthday party not far from the house to attend on Saturday and then Church on Sunday. That was a slow weekend we had planed.

Well, Saturday I rushed to get a last minute birthday gift for the birthday girl, when I realized I didn't buy one yet. (I had planed to, but I didn't shop when I wanted to, or how I wanted to, and ended up getting lost and a little frightened. I didn't get all I needed and forgot my coupons on top of all that. But, that's another story that I may just tell tomorrow.) Of course Will wanted to get her a spider man toy or a toy he wanted for himself. We finally decided on a Mrs. Potato Head in a mermaid costume. She was turning 2, so loved it of course!

We left the party in a bit of a rush because I had to fix dinner for Hubby before he went to work (he is on nights right now). With dinner done and Hubby off to work, Will and I watered the garden as always. After coming in the cool house and washing some dishes I went to the bathroom to find I had a spider on my hip! I couldn't brush it off, so I had to literally rip it off! I then tried to kill it and it just wouldn't die. I smashed it, hit it with every hard heavy object I could find in the bathroom, and tried to smoosh it with toilet paper. To no avail. It just wouldn't die! So, I stuck it in a zip top bag (the walmart brand of course) and called my dear Hubby. I told him how I fought with the little spider and how I couldn't kill it and didn't know what kind it was. I never saw a spider like that.

Hubby told me to go to the emergency room. It could be a poisonous spider that bit me. So, off to the ER I go. Panicking by this time! I had to remind myself to breath a few times on the drive there. Did my leg just go numb? No, I am over reacting! Breath Joshlin, Breath!!!

I get to the ER and no one knows what kind of spider this is in my bag! After the 4th nurse walks up we finally discover the mystery spider is not a spider at all. (It had 8 legs. That's why I thought it was a spider!) Its a tick! Of all things. That is why I had to rip it from my body and why I couldn't smash it. I was told to keep an eye on the spot it bit me and if I noticed any rings appearing around it or if I felt sick to immediately go to the doctor. I could get Lyme Disease. My chances are low because the tick had only bit me and I found it. It was not buried in me or engorged with blood.

Hubby was so worried about me he came home from work. He wanted to make sure I didn't have any reaction to the bite. I was fine, but it was so good to know that he loved me so much and was worried about me. I am a very lucky woman!

Sunday started bad. I overslept and had only 30 minutes to get Will up and ready for church. We did make it though. After church we just rested all day. I read a book and Will played inside. It was much to hot outside and I didn't really want to be out and about after the tick incident:) I hope the week goes better, but I already know we have a lot planed. Please help me pray for Hubby's musical carrier. We are doing everything we can to promote him. We have so much riding on this. Every prayer is greatly appreciated!!! Thank You!

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  1. Oh no...glad you went to the hospital just in case. Hope your week is a good one. I will be praying for your hubbys career! Good luck to him