June 14, 2010

Doggy Nail Polish Is So Great!

Well, this weekend was a crazy good one! I didn't have much planed for the weekend. Hubby was going to work a little (much needed) overtime. (He was a little down over this.) I had a baby shower to go to and Will just wanted to play outside in the oh so hot heat!

Friday Hubby did his overtime and came home to a much needed rest that afternoon. He mentions to me that Saturday morning they will have someone playing at a coffee house in Lake Charles, and he wanted to go. In the end we decided to all get up early and go. This would be a perfect opportunity for Will to see someone play live (since he is not allowed in most places Hubby plays in). We planed to be home in time for the baby shower I was going to and all would be well.

We did have a good time at the coffee house and Hubby got some good info. and maybe a future gig there. But, we didn't make it home in time for the baby shower. We met up with friends of our who had tickets to a local comics show. So Hubby when to that with him and I stayed and visited with her and the kids.

I missed the baby shower, but come back tomorrow and you can see the pictures of what I made for it. She will still get them, but just later on in the week:)

I also got something I have been wanting. I got Charlotte a bottle of Color Paw. It's nail polish for dogs! She is so cute with it on, but wouldn't let me take a picture. I got it in Lilac Pearl. It's so pretty I may just put it on me too so we could match. Hubby thinks I'm a little nuts for wanting to put on dog nail polish and matching with the dog, but so what. I like the idea! Besides it's water resistant and chip resistant. It's already sounding better than people nail polish!


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