June 23, 2010

My Shopping Trip Horror Story!!!

Shopping is one of my favorite things to do. Whether it's grocery shopping or window shopping. I even LOVE to window shop on tv. I am a QVC watching fool sometimes. I just like to know what's out there!

I normally plan my shopping trips for when Hubby gets paid. Lately our budget has been extremely tight, but I still enjoy browsing.

This past shopping trip was one I had planed for Lake Charles (the biggest town around me that has the most stores, including a Kroger). I don't just run off to Lake Charles anytime. It takes about a half a tank of gas to get there and back, so I waited until Hubby had some business there also. It just so happened that we where there at night. A time I never really shop.

So, to make a very long story short, I took Will and went shopping in the not as nice part of town because it was closer to a friends house. I made a bit of a mistake doing this. I was totally freaked out at Walmart alone with a small child and then parked near a door that unknown to me was closing in an hour. I would have to use the other door and walk the length of the building to get back to my car! I was rushing!!! I had to get what I need and pay before that door closed. I just had too! On top of that I left my coupons at home!!! So, I didn't get half of what I needed. I did have some luck though. The lady at the jewelry counter had not left yet and I needed to get Hubby his watch for Father's day. Of course they only had one in the style he wanted and for a lot more than I wanted to spend. I got it though because I knew he would like it and it would last a long time.

Next I loaded up my bags in my truck while scanning the parking lot for the boogy man! I got back on the road and headed in the wrong direction to Kroger. I ended up at a different Kroger than the one I wanted to go to. I stoped at it anyway. Mistake number five thousand and ten that day! This Kroger had ran out of everything on sale and had poor service. I left there and made my way to my friend's house in a long and round about way, since I went the wrong way again! I hate driving in the dark and being creeped out at the same time! I finally made it to her house to find Hubby had just arrived back too. I was so ready to go home and just forget that shopping trip! I have never had such a horrible time grocery shopping. Then I didn't get everything I needed! Stressful!!! I never plan to do that again!!!

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  1. Well, I hate shopping...so that would have seriously made me never leave the house again. LOL. I am NOT a shopper. However, I think that is the result of too many years on a low budget. LOL. :)