June 2, 2010

The Mrs.'s Garden!

I am now the proud owner of a garden! Not just any garden, but the Mrs.'s Garden! I did all the work. (Because I wanted to! I know sometimes I look back on things and think I'm a little off too!) If you remember a post I did a while back, Hubby gave me a garden for our anniversary. He surprised me with a friend of his coming with his tractor to turn me up a "spot".

Since then I have proudly done all the work. I tilled it up about 5 times, I made the rows, and I planted all the seeds and sprouts that I already started in cups and pots. I did it all by myself with a little "help" from Will. I fill like I just completed a major milestone in my life. I'm now hoping and praying that it does good. Hubby said that it's the first year and a little late at that, so it may not do the best this year. But look out next year. I will be ready!

Here is a picture of the garden at about 1:00 pm yesterday. I only made enough rows for what I wanted to plant that day. It took me 30 minutes a row, but they look good.

This is a picture of Will "helping" me plant! He is so cute in his little fireman boots he wears anytime we are in the yard.

Look out when it's time to plant my carrots, pumpkins, and other fall veggies!


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