June 1, 2010

You Can Really See It!!!

Today is going to be a better day! It already started a little better. The dog let me sleep until 8:15 this morning. Then she started to destroy Will's toys. She found a little cheep tractor he left out and.........well, it's not in too good a shape now. She is punished and knows it too!

To sleep till 8:15 was such a good thing. I don't sleep very well and that extra two hours was just what I needed. Today I'm going to work in the garden! (giggles) I can't wait. Today is also the day I go sign Will up for the summer reading program at the library. This will be his second year doing the summer reading program and he LOVES it!!! He has decided the the library in our town is "His" library. The library in the next town that I grew up in is "Mommy's" library. (Mommy's library doesn't have a computer set up for children his age!) So, we will be going to his library sometime today.

Yesterday he did a little art work for my ice box. This is what I got!

Can you tell what it is? I saw the tree and flower right away. I also saw the elephant after he told me what it was. As for the thing on the top, he said it's a road that has a train track on it and lots of cars. Ok? If that's what it is then that's what it is! I'm so proud his art is starting to really resemble things.

On a sadder note, We found out yesterday that our baby sitter for Wednesday (when Hubby plays his first gig) can't watch him. So, I'm stuck with a problem. It looks like Mommy will miss Daddy's first ever show:( I am totally bummed about this!!! But, there is nothing I can do. My baby can't stay all alone and I don't want to leave him with someone he doesn't know. All will work out though. I have put it all in God's hands. Now just to remember to leave it there!!! That's the hard part!


  1. Wahooo for better days! :) Hope it works out that you get to do see the show!

  2. I love the picture your son made you! Very nice!

    I am sorry you will miss your husband's first show. Maybe something will work out.

    Leaving things in God's hands is hard, huh? I can easily put it there...but leaving it...different story.