November 3, 2010

Beware the Toilet

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How often to you clean your bathroom?  I clean my bathroom regularly and never get hurt.  I never expect to get hurt, but this week was different.

We had finally got a much needed new toilet seat.  We got one of those standard, sparkling white, made of wood ones.  I didn't want a soft one because they crack and I don't really trust that I can get them as clean as the wood ones. 

Anyway, I hadn't had to buy a new toilet seat in....well ever, so I didn't know they started making them a little different.  Now they have a "sanitary" feature, where when a person (boy) puts the rim down the lid comes down with it.  Well, being a lady and having no knowledge that other newer toilets have this, I lifted the rim to clean the toilet.  When I went to put the rim down the lid came crashing down onto my hand.  My thumb nail took all of the blow and let me tell you,  that sparkly white wood lid is HARD! 

I had my other thumb nail riped off by my son's car seat if you remember, now I have my other thumb bruised and bleeding.  This is the time that I wish we didn't need thumbs so much.  My nail didn't end up falling off, but you can see the bruising and blood under the nail very clearly. (Aren't you so happy I didn't include pictures! You are so welcome!)

So, how many more nails will I have hurt before new years?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Just a little extra info.  My big toe is also very bruised under the nail from Will dropping something on it.  That is where it all began.


  1. Oh goodness!!! I am sorry! I hate to hurt my nails b/c it hurts sooo bad!

  2. Girl... you may need to invest in a sturdy pair of gloves and shoes... LOL