November 16, 2010

A Hurricane In The Forcast!

Who could have guessed that a hurricane was going to hit our home in 24 hours?  I sure didn't.  I spent hours yesterday cleaning Will's room and preparing to put in his big boy bed, only to have it almost all destroyed!

Will's friend Karlie came to play today and destroyed his room.  They played for hours!  The only rule was that they didn't get on the bed!  Jumping on the bed was grounds for punishment.  And to my surprise the bed was never touched!

As promised here is a picture of Will's new Big Boy Bed!

And this is a picture of the room after the hurricane!

Yea, the room is small but this picture makes it look even smaller!

We did get the room in a better shape later today, but I was just so amazed that hours of hard work where gone in minutes.  That's live though.  They had a good time and everyone followed the no getting in the bed rule.  That sounds like a successful day!

Will did have a good nights sleep in his new bed.  It must be comfy, because he woke up at 3:30 am and wanted to know if it was time to get up.  When I told him it wasn't morning yet, and he could go back to sleep, he gladly went back to dream land. 


  1. Organizing after kids play is never fun! I've learned to throw it all wherever and on Saturdays I sort again, for it to all be a mess again on Mondays lol. Love the big boy bed!

  2. awe momma it gets only gets worse.