November 1, 2010

Pumpkins and Computer Issues

This weekend was filled with good Halloween treats!  Will wanted to be a bat this year and I couldn't find a bat costume for anything. 

So, being the good Mom I am, made a bat costume.  I took a black shirt, some black material, red ribbon, some hot glue, black thread, and a pullover hat to make this cute little bat costume.  He was beyond excited!!!  He modeled it and flapped those little wings to his hart content.

The day before trick or treating, Hubby carved our traditional pumpkin for Will.  Will picked the pattern and Hubby carved.  Will carved his traditional apple while the pumpkin was being carved.  (I just love our traditions!!!!)

Here is a picture of the pumpkin and the apple!

Needless to say, we had a great Halloween.  We trick or treated here in town and had lots of fun.  I hope everyone had a good and safe time no matter what your Halloween was like.

On a different note: 

My computer is on the blink because of a virus or something it got.  I am trying to fix it, but it continues to freeze up on me.  If anyone has any advice, please pass it on.  I don't know what to do next.  I am just guessing on how to fix it.  So far nothing is working.  I have norton, and they are wanting me to pay $100 even though I already payed over that to have norton to start with.  I really don't want to pay them to fix my computer when I paid for the software to protect it (which it didn't do!).  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

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  1. so very cool the apple and pumpkin carving I do hope that your computer gets better soon Norton agravates me as well