November 12, 2010


Conversations with your children can sometimes be enlightening. 

Will goes through a bad spell every few months, where he does everything in his power to not listen, disobey, talk back, and downright ignore.  Yesterday I put him to bed early and begged my peach Avon bubble bath to take me away!!!!

This is how my day started going down hill.  I was in the kitchen cutting up chicken for dinner when Will walks in the house and tells me Charlotte is stuck on his tractor.  I look out the window and sure enough, he rolled over her tie out she was on (to keep her from investigating the neighbors yard when I'm not out side with her) and it was wrapped around the back tire of his John Deer Tractor.  I tell him I'll be right out.  While I'm washing my hands, he decides to take maters into his own hands, and try to back up and go forward on his tractor until he wraps her so tight she is getting sucked under his fenders.  By the time I rescue her she has cuts on her nose and blood on the top of her head.  Poor Baby Girl! She wasn't even crying. 

When I asked Will why he's so mean and bad he tells me he can't help it if he's spoiled.  "You are the one who spoiled me." he said, with his hands firmly on his hips.  Like it's all my fault he just hurt Charlotte.  When I tell him I can solve that problem and make sure I NEVER spoil him again he starts to whimper, "But I want you to spoil me! Don't stop!"  A lot of crying followed that little meltdown!

Well lets just say he was punished really good, (talking under his breath the whole time about being spoiled) and then had to explain to his Daddy what happened later that day. That was another punishment in itself. 

The rest of my day didn't get any better.  The disobeying and talking back got him punished again.  I can only hope today is better.  I have a bad feeling it's not going to be.  The spoiling may not stop entirely, but a lot of things will be changing.  I only pray I don't fall for his sweet little face and love takes over my judgment.  That's my downfall.


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