November 7, 2010

Still Having Difficulties

I haven't been posting much.  I missed Thankful Thursday and so much more.  As many of you know, my computer has been acting up.  I thought we had a virus, but I did every thing I could to find it and.....nothing.  Finally we figured that it must be something we did to our computer to make it act up. 

Today we wiped out our computer and made it back to "from the factory" style.  I spent so many hours trying to save my videos and pictures I had on my computer.  I was able to save some, but not all.  It was very difficult to save the ones I did and took hours of work.  My computer is working again for now.  I don't know if we solved our little problem or not.  Only time will tell. 

I will be back with more post for you all in time.  At the moment I will be testing my computer and getting everything back to working order.  Right now when I open the Internet all the text is so small I can hardly read it.  (I am almost blind you know!)  I will be working on it.  If anyone know how to fix this please let me know!!!

I pray all of you are well and doing better than me with your computers!

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  1. I can't stand computer problems. Right now, Im dealing with a Wordpress issue with the Wassup feature that shows all the traffic to your site. I love seeing the keywords people use to find my blog and now it just stopped working. I tried to reinstall but nothing has changed. Arrrgh. Good luck with your computer!