November 19, 2010

Part Of Growing Up

I know kids have to get booster shots as they grow to keep them healthy, but they are just so painful.  Not just painful for they kids, but even more painful for the parents. 

Yesterday was the day for Will's 4 year old boosters.  What a painful day yesterday was.  I didn't realize he would be getting 3 individual shots, his finger pricked, and the flue mist!  It was horrible! 

First we had an appointment at his Pediatrician for 1:30.  We got there early and signed in.  Then waited and waited.  Finlay we got in to see the Doctor.  She examined him and then we waited and waited again for the nurse that gives the shots.  Finlay we got to see her.  She did some normal 4 year old health checks on his eyes, ears, and all that.  He is now 42 inches tall and 43 pounds!  So Big!!!

Then came shot time.  I was so happy Hubby was there to hold him.  By the time all was said and done, Will was crying, screaming, yelling, and fighting!  I was also crying.  I couldn't help it!  When you see your child in pain and going through what seems like tourcher ...well you cry!  (It doesn't help that I'm a big emotional baby!)

The rest of the day was barley better.  We where all exhausted from the whole thing.  We ended up being at the Doctor for almost 3 hours.  Will hurt and then freaked out every time the saw the band aids.  For some reason he HATES band aids.  He acts like its the band aid's fault that he got hurt.  You should have been there when I gave him a bath and removed the ones on his arm.  Between the arm and finger band aids, he had 5.  Taking the band aids off was almost as bad as getting the shots!

My poor baby still hurts this morning.  Tylenol and Ibuprofen can only do so much.  He's sore.


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