July 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Do you ever stop and wonder at how we became so dependent on technology.  I don't mean computers and such.  I mean things like electric washing machines and dish washers. 

I love to read and some of my most favorite books take place in a different time period.  Mostly in the time when settlers where first coming to America and a little later.   In those days they had no electricity or motor vehicles.  They had hand made candles and mules pulling waggons. 

This is the time period I think I would have been able to live in the most.  Hard work was something everyone did to survive.  Children respected their parents and did what they where told.  You never herd them say they where bord.  Most of all, they ate around a table as a family.  They said grace and read from the Bible every night as a family!  Life was hard, but did we trade a hard life with lots of love, faith, and good values for an easy life with a lot of other problems?  Just think how much life is different for us now than it was for the settlers.

The thing I am most thankful for that has changed is bathrooms.  I love having an indoor bathroom with running water and electricity.  I couldn't imagine using an outhouse.  And to think that outhouses are not that old.  You can still find some in a few places.  Yes, even here in modern day America.  I'm not afraid of making my own soap and taking baths in rivers or tubs filled with water you heated on the stove, but please don't ask me to use an outhouse toilet!  I would if I had to, but it defiantly wouldn't be my first choice. 

outhouse Pictures, Images and Photos

 I would like to thank whoever invented the indoor bathroom!  God has blessed us with this one convenience that I would struggle with giving up.  How blessed we are in our everyday life.  Look around you and imagine the what modern day conveniences we have now that you can't see yourself living without.  Thank the Good Lord for them and then hop on over and join us at Spiritually Unequal Marriage with Lynn who is hosting this months Thankful Thursdays!


  1. LOVE this post!! I'm always drawn to stories about those days, too ~ I think probably for the same reasons you are. Life seemed simpler even though the work was harder. Faith, family, and values were important. Social networking was what happened at church on Sundays, barn-raisin's, and once a year at the town fair. My daughters and I are reading through the "Little House on the Prairie" series of books and almost every time we read a chapter, we compare our lives with theirs and I almost always come away wishing I lived back then, too.

    We still have an outhouse on our yard, though it's never used and somewhat overgrown by the bushes it's located in. It can stay that way ~ I love me some indoor plumbing, too!! (though I think my problem would more likely be the trip outdoors to use the biffy during the long cold months of our Canadian winters!!)

  2. My oh my, yes. Indoor plumbing is glorious! Thanks for making me smile this morning.

  3. Hi Joshlin,

    My friend, how are you doing. I LOVED this post. I am thinking heaven and the new earth will be restored to a time where it was like back in the that time period. I may be wrong. But whatever the new earth is.. I've already requested to work in the garden and with the horses. I hope you are standing next to me. Hugs.

    Happy TT. Rejoicing in the Lord with you, Lynn