July 1, 2011

Shopping Trip!

I am a planner when it comes to my shopping trips.  I shop for groceries and household items to last me a two week period.    I look through all my adds, figure out what town I'm going to shop in, and make my meal list for two weeks.  I have my coupons organized and ready to go at each store. 

The only thing to get in my way is Kenny and Will.  They came along on my shopping trip yesterday.  Will had a dental appointment and we both wanted to be there.  Will can be a bit of a hand full at a doctors office.  He has been known to tell nurses they are mean people and they aren't suppose to hurt other people!  He has made nurses afraid and his name known in the nursing world. 

His appointment was good this time though.  This dentist was the first one to say they could help him with his teeth.  He has cavities on the outside of his teeth.  The only problem is that Will doesn't trust them, or anyone else for that matter.  We have to go back in a month.

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After that was over my shopping began.  Kenny wanted to make an unscheduled stop at Target to get Will a toy for being so good at the dentist (he didn't hurt anyones feelings this time).  I hadn't done any homework for Target since they have made so many changes to their coupons policies and, well.....I just don't shop there very often.  We ended up getting Will a CARS 2 car, a dog bone, and some razors.  (The reason for the razors will be coming up in another post soon.) 

Then with coupons and list in hand, we went to Kroger.  That is when we saw the same car for less.  This made me a little upset, but this thing happens some time.  Who would have known that Kroger had a toy car cheeper?  We went on to find the same razors I wanted for cheeper!  Now I'm getting hot!  Target was a big waist of time and a rip off!!!!  That just burned me up.  I am on a limited budget and I do everything I can to get what I need at the best price. 

I tried to put that out my mind and finish my shopping.  Kroger had some really good deals this week.  I got what I needed and checked out.  I saved $15.24 after using my Kroger Card and coupons.  But my big savings came at Market Basket.  There I saved $54.87 after coupons, sales,and getting my $10 minimum of items.  I ended up saving $70.11.  To me that isn't money in my pocket though, it's money I didn't have to start with.  It just means I have more groceries in my house.

I may not be saving 90% of my bill, but I probably saved a good 35% to 40% and that is good with me.  Do you save big when you shop?  Do you coupon and go find sales at all?  How do you do it differently?


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