June 29, 2011

Should I Stop And Jump Out The Truck Or Keep Going And Just Pray?

This is the thought going through my head as I am driving home from a birthday party yesterday.  (Yes, another birthday party! Seems like I go to two a week!)

Lets go back a few hours.....I was putting Will in his booster seat when I realized the sucker he had gotten from the bank the day before was gone.  In it's place was tiny bits of wrapper (no sucker and no stick).  Hmmm. 

(Me)  Will did you take the sucker out the truck.

(Will) Ummm....No!

(Me)  Well what did you do with it, and how did you manage to tear the rapper up like this?

(Will)  I don't know.

He was no help at all! 

Flash forward to my driving home from the above mentioned birthday party....I was driving and something happened to catch my eye on the passenger side floor board.  IT WAS A MOUSE!!!  A big brown rat mouse!!!! It was in my truck!!! With me and Will in it!!!

What should I do.  It ran as fast as it could up under my dash and into my front end of my truck.  Should I stop and jump out?  No, that wouldn't do any good.  the mouse rat would still be in the truck with my son! Should I keep going and pray it didn't come back out or go around and bite my toes?  (I happened to be wearing my trusty flip flops.)

I prayed a quick prayer and then called Hubby!  Do I set a trap, do a get out my truck dance, or what?  He suggested a mouse trap. 

So, when I got home I set one with a little tootsie roll on it (since he likes candy and all) and left in on the floor board of my truck overnight.

This morning I went to check my trap.  I had him.  The little mouse rat was smaller than I remember him.  (I had remembered him as a fury pound of filth.)  He was more of a normal mouse size. 

Now, my hope is that he was the only one.  Please Lord, don't let a family be living in my truck eating my wires!!!!

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  1. Well you can do one of two things. Nothing and hope another one doesn't come running along again while your driving wearing your trusty flip flops, or you set another trap over night with more candy and see if you catch anything.(I'm just sayin) :)