June 25, 2011

Cars 2...or...Mater's Spy Adventures

Really, it could have been named either one. 

We took Will to see the much anticipated Cars 2 movie.  We have been waiting and counting down the days till this movie came out for a long time.  I have a big white board next to my computer that has been having the movie date on it for months! 

I don't know who was more excited about this new movie.  Will, because it was a new Cars movie (his favorite movie in the world) or me and Kenny because we know the old Cars movie by heart and it's just time for a new one!  I even know Mater's Tall Tales by heart!  So, this was a special day for us all.

Will got ready the night before by using his Cars towel, putting on his Cars pjs, and using his Cars tooth brush set.  Then he watched the Cars movie in his room until he fell asleep.  The next morning he put on his New Cars 2 shirt and his Cars sandals (which are way to small) and was ready to go get some Cars 2 movie tickets!

Cars 2 was a really good movie.  This movie was more about Mater than any Lightning McQueen though.  Mater had the staring role.  He became a spy and got into a lot of tight spots.  He got to use guns and rocket boosters.  He made new friends and even managed to get himself a girlfriend.  Almost all the old characters where there, just in a much smaller role.  I was a bit disappointed that the other characters didn't really get a chance to shine, but after all, the movie was only about an hour and a half.  Mater did a lot in that amount of time!

All in all, we enjoyed it and are now counting down the days until it is out on DVD.  Try telling a 4 year old to wait and maybe for Christmas it will be out and he can see it again! 


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