July 12, 2011

Who Needs A Stinkn' Water Park Anyway....

I have been longing for a big lazy river for a while now.  I found out a town about an hour and a half away opened a small family friendly water park a few years ago.  Since then my heart has been acking to go. 

I was crushed when I found out some family members of mine went and didn't invite me to go along last year.  (They can be very mean at times!)  I have been talking about that water park since the day I found out about it.

Well, I'm sure you can guess my heart was broken again this year.  A friend of mine decided to do her daughter's birthday party there this year.  We where invited and I was out of my head with excitement.....until I realized they picked a time I just couldn't make it.  :(  I tried to rationalize with myself and figure out a way to still go.  I even decided that I would drive that hour and a half and stay for 30 min and drive the hour and a half back to make it home in time for what was already scheduled that day.  Then Hubby reminded me that I would be spending more money in gas and tickets to get in than it was worth that day.  Not to mention that I would not want to stay on 30 minutes!

He was right after all!  I didn't get to go:(  I have tried to make peace with the fact that I may never see this glorious water park (at least this year) by sharing my son's pool with him in the front yard.

At least it's cool clean water and I can be in it with Will!


  1. What water park are you talking about. Baton Rouge or Sulphur? I will go with you let me know and we can discuss a good time for both of us.

  2. Sulpur. I'll call you and we can talk about it. I just been freakn out about school starting so soon.