March 15, 2011

My Birthday Bash!!!!

My birthday is this month and I am celebrating right here on my blog! 

My birthday has never been a big thing.  I never got a big party since I was about 10 years old, so I've decided that I want a big party this year.  I will be turning 30!  I should have a big party!  I'm going to celebrate by giving you gifts.  Yes, you!  You are the ones that keep reading about my crazy life and still come back.  You deserve something just for that! LOL!

I will be giving away a few things and you will have to be a follower of mine to enter!  I know that sucks for all you giveaway hoppers that don't want to follow, but I don't care.  I want my true blue readers to win!  In the next few weeks I will have giveaways popping up.  Be sure to enter each one and for an extra entry that I will not list on the giveaway, but you will still get an extra for is:  Wish Me A Happy Birthday on the giveaway post.  That's it!  You can wish me a happy birthday every day if you want to.  It will count as an extra entry each time, as long as it's on a Birthday Bash giveaway post.  You will see the Saving Moms Sanity Birthday Bash Button on the giveaway.  

By the way I made the button all by myself!  I'm so proud!  I'm getting better at it each time!!!  And if you wanted to know, My birthday is March 31!  All the giveaways will end on March 30, so I can give them away on my birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday, early.
    Look at you go, blog button maker girl you! I'm very impressed.
    What a clever idea to give stuff away for your birthday!!

  2. happy 30th! enjoy your special day!