March 29, 2011

Welcome The Beetle Bug

Have you seen those gas prices?  They are ridiculous!!!

I know they are higher in some areas than others.  Here they are currently about $3.41.  We are one of the places that has the lower gas prices.  In some states I have heard it is over $4.00 a gallon.  WOW!

We where struggling with gas prices.  Hubby figured he was paying $17.00 a day to go to work and come home.  That equalled to $400.00 a month in gas just for him.  That was not working for us at all.  So, Hubby decided it was time for a change.

He has all ways been a fan of the Volkswagen Beetles.  He like the old models and the new, but never thought he could fit in the new ones.  (He is over 6 feet tall and is just a big guy!)  He recently got to sit in one and found out he more than fit.  After that it was all he could think of.  He already liked them and the big bonus was that they can get 40+ miles to the gallon!

He was willing to trade in his truck (A Big Surprise!) for a beetle.  We started looking for one in our price range (used) right away.  Thursday afternoon we bought him his beetle.  It is an 05 with about 30,000 miles.  It is in perfect shape and looks brand spanking new!  It also has all those extras we didn't intend to get, but it came with the right price.  He has a convertible top, it's a turbo, it has a fancy sound system, leather seats that heat up,  mirrors that heat up, and so much more.  He is finding new things every time he gets in it (or reads the manual). LOL.

So, we embraced the beetle and Hubby is loving every minute of it!  What are the gas prices where you live?  What do you think about getting a better fuel efficient car?


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