March 23, 2011

Our Garden Surprise!

This week started with a bit of gardening.  I tilled up my garden for the first time this year.  It was an exciting time. 

I don't know if you remember, so I will tell you the story of my carrots I planted last year again.  I had planted all kinds of yummy things in my garden and they all did very well, except the carrots.  Out of an entire row of carrots, only one looked like it sprouted and started to grow.  I babied and put all my tender love and care into that carrot.  Later, when we thought it may be time to pick my precious carrot, Hubby pulled it up to find that I had been babying a weed all that time.  I was so let down, but at the same time we had a really good laugh about it. 

Monday, I tilled the garden and don't you know I found a carrot!  Yes!  A Carrot!  I really did grow one.  (I just didn't know it!)  If you think a cut up carrot full of mud and dirt stoped my happiness you are wrong.  I hopped around and yelled for Will to come and see!  He was as excited as I was.  He ran to the house with the pieces of carrot.  I thought he was going to save them to show Daddy, but again, I was wrong. 

He came running back with a clean piece.  He had washed it and was happily nibbling on it.  It was a site to see.  The two of us standing in the middle of a tilled up garden enjoying the surprise it held for us.  Our very first carrot!  Hubby couldn't believe it when he saw our carrot and heard our story.  The best part was his face when he though I let Will eat a mud covered carrot! LOL!  I washed the other pieces and took a picture with my phone for you to see!

After we finished the garden, I had to wash all the mud off the tiller and Will enjoyed this part just as much.  With all the mud and water in the yard, he decided to ride his bike through it.  (This is one of his favorite pass times after it rains too!)  Here is a picture of his clothes after he was done!

You will not find a happier little boy!

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  1. I asked Mr. Bernie about your carrots, he is a Master Gardener. He said that carrots like to grow in a loose sandy soil. Not clay soil. They are a root crop so when you plant them, don't plant them deep. Keep the soil moist until the pop up.

    Sorry I did't get a chance to reply to your email. Your welcome and I'm glad you are having fun with it.